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Calendar of Upcoming Events
Have you tried on your  Summer wardrobe and it is too snug or maybe even too big?  If so,  Consider donating your clothing to the Thrift Shop.  We need new and very gently used winter clothing as well as purses and shoes.  Your closet cleaning could make a difference in the life of a pet.  We accept donations Tuesday - Saturday from 10am - 4:30pm.  We appreciate your donations and we will provide you a tax deductible receipt.
"Dedicated To Placing Unwanted Dogs In Loving  Homes"

Looking for that special connection?  Come to our Shelter.  We are located at 585 Meyers Avenue in Gridley.
  Call us to find out what dogs are available.  530-695-3814.
Our hours are Tuesday -Saturday 12-6  There will be lots of furry friends available for adoption.
Are you looking for a companion, a loyal friend to the end?
These wonderful dogs are ready to find their forever homes.
Let us help you find your Furry love connection.
They are spayed and neutered, vaccinated.
Even if you don't adopt, stop by and visit
and find out about the many volunteer opportunities available. 
For more information, call 530-695-3814
  The Thrift Shop 
Our kennels are now open
Tuesday - Saturday 12-6
585 Meyers Avenue
Gridley, CA 95948
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The Thrift Shop operation includes "dumping fees".  Unfortunately, we receive donations which are not in good enough shape to sell at the Thrift Shop.  Therefore, we are frequently taking these items to the Yuba Sutter Recology (dump).  If you have any "Free Dump Passes" that you don't use, we would be happy to have them.  For more information, please call 530-755-2025.  When donating to the Thrift Shop please only bring items which are new or very gently used.  No rust, tears, odors, (cigarette smoke), broken, missing parts, old computer monitors, old Tv's, printers with no software, broken furniture, ripped furniture, stained clothing, very worn shoes, molded items (books specifically).  We appreciate each and every donation, but we simply cannot afford to operate with the increasing cost of dumping fees.  We need your donations and welcome them, just be aware of items we cannot sell, as listed above.  Thank You again for all of your support for the animals. 

Your Grocery Purchases Help Homeless Dogs
S.H.A.R.E.S. stands for Supporting Humanities, Arts, Recreation, Education & Sports in our community. The S.H.A.R.E.S. card program is an easy and efficient way to fund-raise.
Sutter Buttes Canine Rescue will receive the benefits of a quarterly check for your SHARE qualified purchases.  These SHARE cards can  be used at Food Maxx or Savemart here in Yuba City or Marysville.  There is no cost to you.  Pick up your card at our Thrift Shop, located at 855 Gray Avenue.  Everytime you shop at Food Maxx or Savemart, have the Cashier slide your SHARE card at the time of your purchase and you will directly be helping our furry friends.  It's easy!  Just pick up a card and start using it today.  If you have any questions, please stop by our Thrift Shop or call 530-755-2025 for more information.  Thank you for your continued support

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We are currently recruiting volunteers for the Adoption Sites as well as the Thrift Shop.  We are seeking committed, compasionate volunteers who want to make a difference in the life of a homeless pet.  For the Thrift Shop we need Cashiers, donation sorters, merchandise coordinators as well as other various duties.  Requirements are that you can lift at least 10 lbs and posess good customer service skills. The shifts are approximately three hours long.  As for the adoption Sites, we need handlers for the dogs and volunteers with strong communication skills.  The shifts are approximately 3 hours long.  If you would like more information, please stop by the Thrift Shop at 855 Gray Avenue in Yuba City or you can call 530-755-2025.  Volunteers make a difference and we need your help to continue our mission of placing unwanted dogs into loving homes.
All proceeds benefit the Shelter!

  • Never leave pets in pet in a parked car, not even for a minute.  Temperatures can reach deadly levels in minutes
  • Limit your pets excerise on hot days.  Excercise in early morning or late afternoon.
  • Don't walk your pet on hot pavement and sidewalks, use the grass.
  • Provide fresh, cool water for your pet at all times.
  • Pets outside should have shade trees available to lay under and if it is too hot, they should not be left outdoors for long periods of time.
  • Consider purchasing a kiddie pool for your dog and place a small amount of water in it to keep in cool and he will also have fun.
  • Keep your pets off of lawns that have been chemically treated or fertilized for at least 24 hours.  Read the information labels.
  • Keep your dog on a Flea Tick preventative.  No dog or cat should have to suffer with fleas.
  • Make sure your dog is on heartworm treatment.  Mosquitos can cause heartworm disease.
  • Dogs with short hair, white dogs or pink can sunburn easily.  Don't over expose them to the sun.
  • If your dog is at the Ocean, don't overdo his exposure to the sand.  A dog that is out of shape dog can pull a ligament or the activity can be too strenous.
  • If your dog is at the ocean, don't let him drink seawater.  It can make him sick.
Summer months can be uncomfortable and dangerous for your pets.  Keeping your animals cool can be a challenge.  Here are some tips for everyone to keep your pets safe and cool this Summer.